Command Name Translation German-English-German or international

is there a method to get the translation of all command names ? to a desired language.
(in my case german:
I am teaching a class and they use both - the german and english interface.)

I have a lists for Rh5 … but would be great to have something similar for latest Rhino 7
Rhino_commands_translate_De-EN_rh5.csv (22.2 KB) Rhino_commands_translate_En-De_rh5.csv (22.2 KB)

workarround for a single command is simple - exchange the de-de and En-Us in the Url of the online help:
Rhinoceros Help
Rhinoceros Help

but it would be nice to have it as an complete collection somewhere - or to access the translation-info somewhare … something like a _translate - command

thanks for an update on this - kind regards -tom

and i could not finde @thomas -> “I am Thomas, the German translator at McNeel.”
from a 2015-post->here

Hi Tom,

For my class I ended up importing the de-de.xml file into Excel and futzing around with it a bit to extract what I wanted. Here is the resulting .pdf FWIW, but it doesn’t include everything (it’s modelmaker apprentice specific) and it’s only Rhino V6 - haven’t done V7 yet.

RhinoCommands-EN-DE-NachKategorie.pdf (164.2 KB)

Dear Helvetosaur - thanks a lot.
where do i find de-de.xml ?

C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\Roaming\McNeel\Rhinoceros\7.0\Localization\de-DE

Ah, you’re on Mac… I suppose it’s in your library folder, you’ll have to drill down from there - maybe something like

~/Library/Application Support/McNeel/Rhinoceros/7.0/Localization\de-DE ?

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Many thanks to @Helvetosaur

this is the extracted list from the xml mentioned above.

this forum does not allow xlsx files.
so download the follow file and change .txt to .xlsx to open in excel, sort and filter how you like

rhinoCommands_en-de-en_v7.txt (43.6 KB)

kind regards -tom

the above list does not include all commands.
don t know why.
until now i found:


are missing.

Hi @Tom_P,

not sure how helpful this is, but if you run below snippet in a german Rhino 7:

import Rhino
import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs
import System

def DoSomething():
    items, values = [], []
    for de_cmd in sorted(Rhino.Commands.Command.GetCommandNames(False, True)):
        cmd_id = Rhino.Commands.Command.LookupCommandId(de_cmd, False)
        if cmd_id != System.Guid.Empty:
            en_cmd = Rhino.Commands.Command.LookupCommandName(cmd_id, True)
            if en_cmd:
    rs.PropertyListBox(items, values, None, "Commands")

You should get this dialog, left is german and right english:


I’ve tested on windows only as my mac is in the office.

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Dear @clement
thanks a lot.
on a mac i get a not yet implemented on osx exception…

but i do not need any further action here - just wanted to inform others that the list above has some missing commands.
I used the list to automatically detect commands in a tutorial file and link them with the help…

FYI this is fixed in Rhino 8


here is the translation list for Rhino V8
csv separated by “,”

Command_translate_De-EN_rh8.csv (38.0 KB)