Command Line Unit and Distance Display Settings

Let’s say I’m offsetting something 3/8ths of an inch.

The offset command in my current project tells me the last distance offset was 0.0208333. I suppose that’s fractions of a foot. So I can use that, if it’s equal to 3/8ths of an inch, about which I have no idea. It’s not a useful distance display system for me in this context.

I’d prefer it, for most all projects, if the distance such an action is already set for was offered on the CLI in a unit system matching the units I’ve chosen for this project for both model and layout space (and maybe to the degree of linear resolution I’ve chosen.) It might be best if this were the way it worked by default, but is it at least a preference I can choose?

Hello - yeah, the stored default will be decimal versions of the current units - at the moment that’s it. You can of course ignore that and type 3/8" in any unit system and get a 3/8 offset - I understand that is not want you are asking about but in case it helps. Also, keep in mind that you can match any existing distance, curve length, or radius by using the Distance, Length, Radius commands inside the Distance option in the command (or any other one that is looking for a number input).


It’s worth mentioning that offset may be an extremely frequent command for many, as it is for me, and discovering that an offset value doesn’t have to be entered (because it was the same as the last one) is always a pleasant little time-saving surprise using Rhino in units other than fractional inches.

Often I find myself alternately offsetting objects by one of a very few distances for many operations in a session, so - as a result of there being so few values in play - being frequently able to skip that step (of entering the value) is great. Encountering decimal inch values when working fractionally obscures that convenience while appearing to offer it. The experience is of a frustrating tease with every offset, and any other commands which store and offer the previously used value (like fillet, and others).

Rhino might want to match those units to always match those of the current working space. The resolution might need to be finer than set for the project for some users, but maybe I’m missing a downside to this.

The downside is that this will take time to implement, test, and document. It’s not an unreasonable request but, personally, I don’t see this getting at the top of the priorities list in a hurry.

At any rate, I have recorded the wish as RH-47771. Feel free to comment.

Also, for the time being, if you notice that this comes up frequently for a limited number of commands and distances, you could set up a few toolbar buttons that include your favorite distances.