Offset curve distance

I was using 0.025 distance to offset the curve with 0.001 tolerance in the command line.
For some reason, the same setting would give me now 0.03 measuring with a linear dimension.
When I am using Analyze-Distance it gives me 0.025. However, it looks like it is 0.03.
Changing the offset distance to 0.02 would offset the curve to 0.02.
I have tried to change the tolerance to 0.0001 and it didn’t help.
How do I fix it?

You’re changing the wrong control.
Try changing the definition of the named dimension style you’re using.

Hello - the Distance (Length, Radius as well but as distinct from dimensioning) precision follows the setting in DocumentProperties > Units page > Distance display area.


I have got Rhino 5 and trying to find these settings in mm small.
Would that be a precision setting which is now 1.00?

I have found in Units-model -Distance display: and it is set to 1.000.