Feature Request: SetPt and English Units

I request a consideration of setpt accepting values like


The plus side is that it would allow easier offsets. If I want something

3’4-7/8" away from something

It’s easier to calculate the location in one’s head.

The down side to such a change would be a lack of data validation.

you can do this now… just type it exactly as you have it shown in this post

if you want to move 48’13-13/8", type it exactly as you have shown here .

try it… click a translate handle in gumball, and enter that dimension. (make sure to use the foot and inch symbols.)

I would not use set pt for this…I’d use move with the dim specified as written, unless I’m misunderstanding what you are trying to do.

you can work in relative space with the R switch in the dim name

check out this chapter in the lev 1 manual about precision modeling, particurlay the section about relative coordinates-

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I know it’s picky, but while I applaud the general advice, what is typed here does not work. It seems that Rhino expects inches to have a value less than 12 and eighths to have a value less than 8 within feet and inches notation…

I believe that the OP is requesting that these rational limitations be lifted in order to simplify his mental arithmetic, as in 5/8 + 1/2 = 9/8 (and let Rhino convert that to 1-1/8).

Of course, he could also adopt the metric system which does not have these pesky fractions.


Or make the command line arithmetic feature work with feet and inches notation, like it does with metric values, so you could type 3’4-7/8"+45’9-3/4" into the command line. Or maybe (3’4-7/8")+(45’9-3/4") to simplify the parsing.

But in the English System, we don’t get rounding errors resulting from 1/10 being irrational in binary. :slight_smile:

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