Command Extrudecrv doesn't remember the option solid=yes

Is it intended that the command “ExtrudeCrv” can’t remember my choice “solid=yes” where it always remember “bothsides=yes” ?
It would be very useful if it could remember this choice
Thanks for the answer

Hello - how are you launching the command? From a button, or menu item or by typing? Menu and buttons are ‘hard coded’ with Solid=Yes/No depending on where they are - in the Solid menu Solid=Yes and on the Surface menu Solid=No


Thanks a lot Pascal!
I were lauching from the button in my personalized command bar, i will use typing from now (and spare a lot of clicks in a day)
And i understand i still have a lot of tricks to learn…
Thanks, have a nice day

Hello - if you make your own button, just make the macro

! _ExtrudeCrv

If you launch the command from that button, with Solid not specified, it should just remember what you set.


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Ok Thanks a lot! Setting my own macro is very new to me, i’ll try around. I didn’t find yet how to assign a picture to my new button. Maybe it’s not possible yet in the mac rhino?

Let the adventure begin…

Thanks John! I already know how to customize my command palette. I was searching how to create a new button and i now found how to assign a picture to my new button: just drag and drop from the finder! So easy and logic. Thank you all guys for your work and your help!