Command customization difficulty

Open commands customization window

Create new command using the ‘+’ at bottom of window.

Label it ______
Enter key combo and script.

Make another new command like before

While entering the key combo for next command and the next few after that, discover the same key combo is now entered in all pervious commands!

After a few more attempts to make different key combo entries in the several (6) new commands have the command customization window close and lose every single one.

Restart program. Repeat above steps this time saving after each new setup. Close customization window. Try to use new commands. Only 2 out of the four actually took.

This is tedious and maddening.

Also of note is the lag that takes place when typing into the search box for the text to complete and the results to actually show up.

In all, this aspect of the Mac version seems very buggy. It may be some problem with my machine (My specs are in my profile) but I recall the slow text/search results problem taking place in the WIP versions albeit much much slower.

I’m very keen on the usability of Rhino, and setting up shortcuts is what makes creation so much more of a joy. I think there could be some improvement in this area in the coming year.

Also of note regarding the forum site; when a list of suggested posts show up that might be relevant to the new one I’m thinking of posting, the list appears over the post I’m trying to check. I can’t move it out of the way and if I close it I can’t review any other possible matches in the list

Which + are you clicking?

So is this a macro? Are you adding a python script to an icon?

Are these commands attached to icons as well?

Maybe some images of what you are doing, I have no clear idea what you are doing, so it is hard to help.

I have had no problem creating custom palettes, commands & keyboard shortcuts.

Here’s a shot of one of the completed commands. I’ve managed to get the rest working as well, but all the same - the earlier problem was there.

I had to delete the plist file to reset the program and lost all my goodiies. I don’t know how to get the python scripts back up.

Let me add something here - I’d like to add a panel to the right side of the workspace, but I can’t find such a pref in the preferences, settings, or command customization windows. Where is it?