Customized Commands on RhinoMac

I just transitioned to RhinoMac and am having a very basic issue with getting customized commands recognized.

I create a customized command set and then created a new command, in this case, called “solve”. However, even after restarting, the command is not recognized by Rhino. Whenever I try “solve”, it gives the message “Unknown Command: solve”. Has this feature been implemented in RhinoMac, or is it still somewhat buggy? Any suggestions?

are you trying to make an alias? if so, go Rhinoceros-> Preferences-> Aliases and make your Solve macro there.

That works perfectly for what I was intending to use it for (launching a variety of RhinoPython scripts). That being said, why is the custom command not recognized? (! _-RunPythonScript xxxxx). As far as I understood the custom commands and alias, both of these methods should have worked?

Thanks for your quick response! It is most appreciated!

can you clarify what you mean by ‘custom command’?

are you talking about a keyboard shortcut? a custom toolbar button? or something else?

File > Preferences > Commands > “User-defined Command Set” > Customize > ‘+’ > Command Form.

Does that make sense? In the command that was created in that form, entitled “Script”, I entered the same Rhino command that I used in the alias “! _-RunPythonScript”.

are you talking about this dialog? if so, this is for assigning keyboard shortcuts and customizing toolbars… also, there are three + buttons… which one are you pressing?

what text field are you entering your command name in?