Customized command causes Rhino to fail

i tried creating a command with a script, then i saved it and tried to execute it. now the command does not work, trying to change the command is not possible anymore, anytime i click it under customize the wheel spins forever, deleting is not possible… any ideas?

Hello - I need way more details than that… are you asking about a command macro, a python script, or?


to be honest, i wanted to save a python script as a command in rhino preferences/command/customize. being lazy i did not look up how and just copied it into the command editor under script, thinking i could save it in there, it was actually your script for adding colored lights, but i am sure that is not the problem. (9.8 KB)

it let me save it but, now i am stuck with that debris in my commands which i can not touch nor delete nor edit. rhino works if i just leave it there…