Command available to shell all sides?

I was wondering if there’s a command like shell to do the attached.

Not that I know of. Your best bet is to use BooleanDifference with 3 cubes as your subtraction geometry


Thanks Andrew, that’s what I did… gutfeeling says there is a faster way :slight_smile:

You could ammend @Helvetosaur’s script found here: Square pipe script

It’s almost there :slight_smile:

That was done from curves though, not a solid.

Well, a plugin “nongenerictools.rhp” existed in 2007 on Mcneel’s site and works in Rhino 5 also. This plugin has 2 commands - flange and edgebox. The second one creates the shell, just input dimensions of the box and thickness of the walls.
I do not know If I can post this plugin because I don’t know if i need an angreement for it from Robert McNeel & Associates.
2 videos are available here

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What I would do:

_DupFaceBorder 3 sides of the box (one in each axis)
_Offset the borders to the inside the desired thickness
_MakeHole 3 times with Direction=Normal and Through options
_Delete all unneeded curves

Don’t know if this is any faster than modeling 3 inside cubes and doing a BD, but maybe…

wow the movie totally shows what I am after! Would love to have the plug in! :slight_smile: