Help with simple command to create solid object

I am trying to create an object that is hollow on the inside but closed on the outside (the outer layer is 0.8mm. I’m trying to figure out how to put a 0.8mm surface over the curved ends that are currently open (the sections that are currently exposing the hollow interior). I’m sure there is a simple way to achieve this but I just can’t fiugre it out.

I’d really appreciate some advice on how to execute this.

Hi, as an amateur I only get it in a dirty way.
I ExtractSrf a face on the upper side of the solid objekt and trimmed a little peace from this face. Copy this face to clipboard. Then join the face with the rest of the objekt, so these objekt is again solid. Then I use the shell command and pick the little face to open the objekt. After shelling I paste the little face and do a OffsetSrf in the same distance as the shelling thick was. Explode and join all objects.
Or the easy way OffsetSrf.

Hi Phoebe - please post the file and someone will take a look - it seems like Jay’s suggestion to use OffsetSrf is probably on track but keep in mind that in Rhino you don’t normally get to have a single object where one part is completely inside another. (e.g. two concentric spheres are not one object).


Yes @pascal your right. I mentioned it too late. All I have done in the end was to create one objekt into another = 2 seperate objects. Or as we say in germany: “from behind through the chest to the eye” :joy:

If I Google that, I get some pretty weird images…


Thank you all so much for your advice/help. In a moment of frustration I tried a different approach and started from scratch made the object flat and then used non manifold merge, create region then flow around surface to put it around a cylinder.

Have a great weekend!