Colourful Yacht Concept

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My latest concept just for fun!

A 90m low GT ‘party’ yacht, inspired by the Hindu spring festival of Holi.

Modelled in Rhino5, rendered with Vray for Rhino 2 and finished off in Photoshop.


Would simply love to see that fantastic party boat make her way into Annapolis Harbor next Spring. Could this be V. J. Sing’s new yacht? And the colors are spot on! Truly cool, Rob

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Thanks for your kind words Rob, much appreciated.


Hey Rob, are you related to Bruce McPherson who once worked at S&S? I visited your website and was quite impressed with the character of your motor yachts. Nice aesthetics and you’ve found a terrific niche in motor yacht design. All the best, Rob

(Rob McPherson) #5

No relation to Bruce unfortunately (that I know of…).

Thanks Rob, it’s all still a work in progress!


Is that the guys that designed many Swan yachts?

// Rolf

(Rob McPherson) #7

I believe so …
Legendary designers.


Bruce McPherson worked at Sparkman and Stephens when I first met him in the Seventies. S&S designed a number of Swan yachts including one I was the pro captain on before I turned my feeble talents towards yacht design. One of my first efforts became know as the Skye 51 which borrowed from the Swan look as I truly appreciated the diving foredeck look that made for superb sight lines from the cockpit. Close to ninety Skye 51’s were built to my knowledge and likely more that I’m not aware of.

Cheers, Rob


I wouldn’t have known if it wasn’t for the fact that my grand mother worked in the kitchen at Nautor Swan (Finland), and my brother, still there, has been working there for over two decades, laminating the hulls, decks and other parts (he’s probably pictured on the photos on Nautor’s website). They must have mentioned these names (McPherson and Sparkman & Stephens) and for some reason I picked it up, probably decades ago.

Me myself is a landlubber, born and raised inland Sweden some 120 km North of the Arctic Circle, knowing nothing about boats. But every now and then my brother calls me up and we discuss how to improve some of the intricate designs. :slight_smile:

// Rolf

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Wow! Seriously impressive. And a good looking yacht Rob!

Ah, your family can be proud Rolf! These are gorgeous yachts. My favourites are the ones designed by German Frers. You’ll have to get your brother to take you out for a sail, you’ll love it!


Hm, are those tubs really safe? :slight_smile:

// Rolf

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Perfectly safe…


Wow, remarkable background and one to be proud of. 120 KM NORTH of the Arctic circle??? It’s 1900 here and 60 degrees F at the moment…keep warm! Cheers, Rob


Yup, now I’m living near Stockholm, but this was my birth place (rotate the globe and you’ll end up in Northern Alaska) :
(the correct spelling of the url was already taken).

// Rolf


Near my old hometown: Jakobstad/Pietarsaari… :slight_smile::+1:



Wow, then you probably know some of my relatives, at least the family names, many of them from Kållby, that nearby willage where the Swan’s boat hulls are made.

My grandpa was a Thylin (G. Karleby), died in WW2 though. My wife was a Snellman (makkara Snellman’s daughter), and so on. :slight_smile:

People from that area is generally very nice people. :slight_smile:

// Rolf


Snellman är åtminstone bekant - förstås (Finlands bästa “korvfabrik”) :slight_smile:



Now Baltic Yachts ( will start to make also motor yachts (and more) in your home town Jakobstad where also Nautor Swan have their assembly facitlity (article in Swedish)

Attention, ye motor yacht designers :slight_smile:

// Rolf


That’s really interesting! Thanks for the article :slight_smile:



My brother, the Nautor guy, sent it to me. The two companies keeps an eye on each other. :slight_smile:

// Rolf