60ft Catamaran

My latest concept, a 60ft sailing catamaran. Modelled with the latest Rhino WIP and rendered in Rhino5 with Vray.


Superb concept, modelling and render… just curious, is there some anti-capsize device on this catamaran?

Regards, Joao

Many thanks Joao.

I’ve heard of anti capsize devices and think they’re quite simple systems that work on heel angle to release the cleats. So, quite easy for builders to incorporate. I personally wouldn’t want it, there’s no substitute for proper reefing and proper traveller usage. But then again I am a hard-core cat sailor!



Thank you for the explanation Rob.

Wow really nice design and rendering!

Thanks Dan!

Great piece of cad work and rendering but 60ft is not a beach cat. If you’re in the ocean and you take some big green water onto that bow deck you stand a good chance of having those forward windows stove in. Also what kind of clearance do you have under the bridge deck?


Chris, many thanks.

Agreed, this is very much ‘beach cat’ styling…I couldn’t resist!

Good points though. The modern hull designs have a different philosophy behind them which seems to keep a lot of volume down low to prevent the bows pitching in too deep. They’re also quite flat on the underside right up to the bow which gives added resistance to pitching (but is open to slamming). Works well on beach cats so long as you don’t have too much sail up. The curved foils then take you into another dimension with regard to buoyant bows, I personally wouldn’t want a cat without them these days. Pitchpoles are a thing of the past!

Clearance on this design was 1m.



Hello, superb work done right here! Good job!

Something that intrigates me is how have you done these parts?

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Thanks Leonardo!

See below for some wire frame images which hopefully answer your questions.


If you have interest, it would be nice to have a video on youtube of the making of the model!

you make separate surfaces and merge them? or you just fillet polysrfs?

Great job!

Ah, too late…model is already made! Don’t fancy rebuilding it again for a video…:scream: sorry!

It’s mostly single span surfaces with the majority of the ‘fillets’ also constructed as single span blends. There’s a lot of rebuilding curves and splitting them into separate single span curves when they don’t meet the desired tolerance. Lots of matching surfaces for Curvature and a fair amount of adjusting control points via MoveUVN and AdjustEndBulge. Maybe I’ll do a post sometime explaining some of the processes I use to keep surfaces clean and manageable, I’m a bit busy at the mo though, so maybe in the new year sometime?

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Thanks Paul!

sure man, whenever you feel its a good time to do it! Its just an idea, it would be awesome, but take your time, for sure! Thanks for the explaining, appreciate!