Grasshopper Opennest help with packing and nesting


I have a problem with opennest which I can’t seem to figure out.

I am trying to nest these curves

but the “holes” in the curves are super hard to transform with the outer curves, are there any veterans in here that is able to help me understand how to do this?

This is how the packing of the objects currently are:


Also, follow up question, is there any way to number the nested objects, so that they are easier to assemble in real life?
Grasshopper (15.3 KB)
Rhino Curves.3dm (63.1 KB)

This is a classic Grasshopper Data Tree issue, you need to pair the interior curves with the exterior ones,
please find the attached revised script.
Grasshopper (22.7 KB)

That actually works!

A little follow up question, I have attached the full model that I am doing, and some of the curves ends up outside of the curves for some reason… Any pointers to what might make it work?

Rhino Curves 2.3dm (903.4 KB)
Grasshopper (71.9 KB)

this is caused by the nature of the script when multiple curves share the same .y coordinates, I’ll fix it shortly

Alright, thank you!

Much Easier to go with just packing the surfaces. I added some text tagging for identifying the items, you can also use the Opennest Text tool if you want to engrave the text as well.
Grasshopper (19.9 KB)

The problem with using boundary surfaces is that I can’t use trimmed surfaces for the nesting itself in opennest…

Attach the input data of geometry and sheets

Grasshopper (20.7 KB)
Rhino help 2.3dm (740.6 KB)

for this case just use a convex hull, this should pack nicely.

Grasshopper (26.7 KB)
Rhino Curves 2.3dm (1019.0 KB)

Can’t thank @Petras_Vestartas enough for this amazing addition to Grasshopper.

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This actually works pretty well, one problem though…

Some of the convex hulls are not really enclosing the entire contour, example:


So it goes over the edges… Is there any way to fix this?


Just increase the spacing a littlebit, it should solve the issue

Thank you so much for your help!

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