Cmd + c (copy)


… doesn’t work in the latest WIP (6.13.19029.12036, 2019-01-29).


Rhino 6 for Mac WIP build 6.14.19036.12056
(Dan Belcher) #2

I see this too. Thanks for reporting it. Logged in RH-50586.

(Dan Belcher) #3

We found and fixed the issue. It should work again in next week’s RhinoWIP. Sorry for the breakage this week and thanks again for reporting it.


No chance of getting a fixed version out sooner…? :wink: Cmd + c is something I use very often in every modelling session…


(Dan Belcher) #5

No, sorry. In the meantime, you can use _CopyToClipboard.


Ok, thanks anyway.

Yes, that’s what I been doing.


(Dan Belcher) #7

Hi @Philip

This should be fixed now in the latest RhinoWIP. Sorry for the delay.



No problem. Thanks!