Cloud Zoo: You are not authorized to perform this operation


I have a user that is unable to pull a license from the Cloud Zoo in Rhino 7. When logging in it says that a license is available for the user, but then throws this error:


Cleared out the TEMP directory and ran a repair of the installation, but the issue persists. Rhino 7 was working fine last Thursday under a different username, but after changing the username, this is now happening. New User is a member of the Team with 3 available seats. Rhino 6 is working fine - this is only an issue in Rhino 7.

@aj1 Any ideas? Thanks in advance!


@brian @will
Can someone have a look please?

We’re troubleshooting this via email support.

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A customer of ours just had the same problem. At the point where you can click log-in (with the current user) click on log-out. Re-open Rhino and log-in again.

Problem was solved after this.

Here is the full solution from @will

First make sure Rhino 7 is closed. Then remove the cloudzoo.json file ("%appdata%\McNeel\Rhinoceros\6.0\License Manager\Licenses") and start Rhino. You should get the dialog below. Click “No”.

You should be shown the “Welcome to Rhino” window.

  1. Agree to the EULA and privacy policy
  2. Click “Options” in the bottom-left
  3. Click “Remove License”

This will trigger the logout process which will clear the cached credentials.

The next time you start Rhino, you should be able to follow the messages and login to your Rhino Account. This time, when you login, the browser will open as expected.


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Thanks @jfreund. Some improvements have been made already and I just want to emphasise that the key here is logging out of Rhino and logging in again – if you get the option to logout then removing cloudzoo.json isn’t necessary.

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