Always having problems with license key

I always have problems opening Rhino 6.
1.I open the program and get the message to log in to my account.
2.(Rhino needs a license)
3.After entering the password,now I should go back to Rhino.
4.I try to open the program
5.I get the instruction:…Rhino need a license…login as…Licensemanager works…try to get the License from CloodZoo…and…login as…Licensemanager works…and so on.
The program does not start.
I never had problems with previous versions!

At the moment I can not work. :flushed:

I have this problem once a month, but right now nothing works.
It must be a solution to be found, otherwise I can not work professionally.
Does anyone have an idea?

o.k. now it works, thank you


how did you solve the problem? I can’t use licenses from days, with same Rhino messages.


Unfortunately, I can not tell you that, suddenly the program opened

Which version of Rhino were you using when this happened? Did Rhino automatically update before it started working? Did you install the WIP version of 9/24/19 and use it?

Edit: Nevermind. I was thinking it might be a different recent issue.

Hi - the Cloud Zoo server is currently down. We have people working on getting it back up as fast as possible.

Hi @wim,

How can I use Rhino in the meantime?


Hi - I’m afraid that you can’t at the moment.

That is quite frustrating to say the least…

We are working on the Cloud Zoo server problem now:

Apparently you can - enter your license “on this computer”, and as it cannot validate, you can use it for 14 days.

It looks like the server is up and running again.

The Cloud Zoo servers are back up.
Please try again.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Working for me, thanks guys.