Cloud-Zoo with two accounts at one PC?

Hi again,

I have a customer who uses his PC for a company and privatly. Is it possible to use two Cloud-Zoo accounts at one PC?

He told me that it seams, that one account is not used at all?



Hi again, Michael -

Yes, I have two different Cloud Zoo accounts and can switch between them. You can’t use both at the same time on the same computer.

There’s actually no real reason to do so either, since you can open as many instances of Rhino as you wish (or your computer can hold) on just one license. Isn’t that true?

Partly so, yes.
At some point, I only had a private license of VisualARQ in my private Cloud Zoo but couldn’t use that when using my McNeel account for Rhino. So, in the case where plug-ins are available in one account but not the other, one could wish for using both. But that’s not possible.