Lan Zoo to Cloud Zoo (Edu Lab License)

My school is currently using Lan Zoo to manage our Rhino licenses, we have one multi-user edu lab license, our lab computers simply access our lan zoo to get a license.
This works well as we only need to install and configure on one lab computer then deploy it to the rest.

The computer responsible for our lan zoo is aging and will randomly throw errors that causes shutdowns. We are now considering moving to cloud zoo.

One concern we have right now is how does multi-user lab license work on cloud zoo?
Do we have to configure each lab computer to have one account? or can they all share one account?


Hi @victorlin,

You might start here:

– Dale

Hi @dale,

Thanks for the reply, I did read it, but It doesn’t specifically tell me what I want to know

Can [lab computers] all share one account? (if that account has access to multi-user lab license)

in the link, at G it says “Invite users to your Team”, the way I understand that is each lab computer needs a separate account?

Hi Victor,
For a classroom computer lab install, the LAN Zoo is still best. So you may need to replace your Zoo server machine. It does not have to be a server OS, it can be any Windows 10 computer with an Ethernet port.

For a Remote computer lab, you will can set up a Team with Student emails.

  1. Make a Rhino Account with the Lab administrators email for the account.
  2. Login and add your lab license to the Team
  3. Invite students to the Team.
  4. They will get an email of with instructions to download and install Rhino.
    See more details on Teams here.

Max Fugier