Rhino Trial on existing account

Hello everyone, maybe @wim would know,

We want to teach other department in the company basics of Rhino, but because they are not primary Rhino users, they only have few shared licences, i.e. they couldn’t all attend the class at the same time.

I have tried to obtain a 90day trial licence for my team member, added it to his account, but if he turns on Rhino, it still draws one of the pool licences instead of his personal trial licence.

What would be the most elegant solution? Would it automatically take the trial licence when pool ones are all taken? Or kick those users from the Team? Or reinstall commercial Rhino for the downloaded Rhino eval? Create personal trial accounts?

I would like to do everything by the book because there’s years of work in spreading Rhino slowly throughout the company. : )))



Hi Jonas - I do not think you can use an eval license in a team. By the book, I think each of the eval users should get an eval license. @John_Brock - am I making stuff up here? You can also use an expired eval license to run Rhino as a viewer - that may not help in this case, but just fyi - the expired license can be shared, as well.


I think you’re right @pascal

Okay, basically what I wanted to do was to let every team member apply for the personal trial licence so they would not have to fight for the few licences they normally share when doing their regular tasks. Using their own personal trial licence instead of borrowing licence from the pool.

And yes, we could let them work in expired Rhino without saving their work, but they don’t have any, and when the team pool is all used up, they cannot run Rhino at all, I believe.

Using expired eval licence as viewer is something I plan for other employees that really need just the viewer to check the model and send it further down the pipeline.

Does it make any sense to consider installing each users trial license on separate dedicated computers as standalone?

We do not yet have a mechanism so that when there are no more licenses in a Team, Rhino starts in a non-saving “expired eval” mode.
It’s on the list for future development.

I hoped I wouldn’t have to uninstall their commercial Rhino 7 in order to make them run Trial licence on their accounts. (Their 90 day trial is not yet used up because they only became team members when they upgraded from Rhino 5 local zoo.)

So I guess the class will have to be non-interactive. Thanks.

@John_Brock how would it actually work? Because currently when there are no more licences available, cloud zoo acts randomly, either barring the extra user from running his Rhino, or kicking a current user instead. And another question. Members cannot see the list of current users anymore, only admins. Can this be re-enabled in options somewhere?

Hello John, I was just hoping if we could talk a bit more about this, although it’s not related to trial licences anymore. One of my colleagues reached out to me few mins ago, where can she check on the current users, and I don’t know what to answer.

Thank you for your time.

Hi Jonas -

Both Owners and Admins of the team can check live usage of licenses. Any member can be made an admin if it is necessary in your organization that specific people are able to check this.

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Thanks Wim. The downside is that admins are allowed to mess things up. Clean solution would be to optionally reveal this info to Members or create a new class, Member+ or something. (Dang, it feels like designing an HR system for a prison camp.)

Hi Jonas -
It used to be possible for all members to check live usage but that feature was removed because of specific requests from customers voicing privacy concerns.

I don’t believe that admins are allowed to mess things up. They might be able to, but shouldn’t.
Do you reckon it’s too easy for admins to mess things up in the teams licensing?
I think we’ll need as much as possible input on this one before this gets changed once again…

Hi Wim, thanks once again.

I just believe this feature should be on/offable.I believe my colleagues wouldn’t do anything wrong, but at the same time it feels weird to create admins just to function as point of contacts when there are no more licences. But this is the current solution. Thank you for that. Have a nice day. : )

Hi @Jonish, @wim pretty much nailed it on his answer. We have disabled Live Usage for non-admins due to increasing regulations over PII in Europe and North America.

In the future, we hope to implement an option on the team to make your request possible, but in the meantime, this is how it works.

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Thank you, Andres, understood. We will manage in the meantime. :slight_smile: