Borrowed license problem

Dear all,
I’ve setup a Cloud Zoo, all works fine, but my client was already using a borrowed local network Zoo license.
How to can I roll back the borrowed license?
Tried to connect again to the local Zoo server, but it keeps connecting the Cloud Zoo server.

Kind regards, Erwin

Hi @erwin,

I’m not exactly what you mean by “roll back”, but if you want to switch from the Zoo to Cloud Zoo or vice-versa, you can go to Tools -> Options -> Licenses, then click on Change License Key. It should allow you to switch back and forth.


Hi Andres,
Indeed I already did, but it keeps connecting to the cloud zoo.
What I mean, the system will not disconnect the cloud zoo anymore, so in that case I cannot give back the borrowed license in the Zoo server, om premise.


Hi Erwin,

Can you try running the Logout command in Rhino? That will log you out and forcibly return any Cloud Zoo licenses.