Cloud Zoo for MacRhino V6?

When will we get a working Cloud Zoo for MacRhino V6 WIP? I’d very much like to test V6 on both my MacBook and my iMac.
@dan, @marlin


It was up and going as of late last week.
It’s slow currently because of the Microsoft Azure problems:

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I’m not fully understanding the licensing for v6 Mac WIP… sorry in advance. I have v5, which in the forum post here says that’s what’s needed to get the v6 WIP going. I entered my license key on your website and have downloaded and installed the software. Upon launching, it asks for a v6 license. Nowhere on the page mentioned earlier does it say I need a v6 license. What am I not doing correctly?

Check your inbox.
The V6 WIP development is only open to owners of Mac Rhino V5.
You entered your V5 key when you requested the WIP and we generated and sent you a license key.

Any luck?

I do own Mac Rhino v5, but have not been sent a v6 WIP license key. Would that be via email? If so, nothing yet.

Got it! Thanks.