Is the Zoo already Mac-license ready...?

as the title says…

Zoo 6, yes.

Ah, OK, can Rhino V5 for Windows be run from Zoo 6 or does a user with both Win and Mac licenses have to install both Zoo 5 and Zoo 6?

Thanks, --Mitch

Think of Zoo 6 as an upgrade to Zoo 5. You only need Zoo 6 to host all license types.

Zoo 6 does not support Rhino V4 keys.

Zoo 6 does support:
Bongo 2.0
Brazil 2.0
Flamingo nXt
Flamingo nXt 5
Penguin 2.0
Rhino for Mac
Rhinoceros 5
Rhinoceros 6

OK, we maybe need a link and some info on Zoo 6 here… Right now, there’s no mention of it anywhere “public” as far as I can tell…


Updating the support pages is on the to-do list but really all that’s different is three new product keys are or will be supported. Everything else about it is the same.

Yes, but people don’t even know Zoo 6 exists. I didn’t until I got Dale’s answer this morning. I had assumed Zoo 5 would support Mac licenses.


Yesterday, before the Mac Rhino information was posted, Zoo 6 only existed internally and there was no need for anyone else to be aware of it.

We are rolling out the tools as we can in the order they make sense.
Certainly it would be nice to throw a switch and everything be switched over, announced, tutorials written, etc. but that’s just not realistic and you well know.

Hi Mitch,

Nice that you try to keep up with info about the Zoo.
Especially with Rhino for Mac introduction, people will ask about Zoo for Mac.
The page you refer to mentions still Zoo 5 this might be confusing.

Yes, as far as I understood, Zoo6 supersedes Zoo5, so all the Wiki info about Zoo5 should now refer to Zoo6, and additional mentions should be added indicating that Zoo6 works with Mac.


To be clear, Zoo 6 runs on Windows only and supports Mac Rhino keys.
There is no Zoo that runs in OSX currently. Yes, it’s on the to-do list.

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Good point, thanks for adding that. --Mitch

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I’ve updated the Zoo wiki:

Let me know if I’ve covered everything (or not)…