Can you view Rhino V6 from a computer in Mac. How?

Hi all,

We have a designer who uses a Mac and we need to share some Rhino 3D files with her to review. Nothing too serious, you know… open files, take some screenshots and do Mac things with them.

Can we get her on the Rhino 6 WIP and get her on our Rhino Teams cloud zoo? (Do macs even connect to the internet these days?)

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Short of them buying a Rhino license, the only thing I can think of is they could install the 90-day Mac V5 eval, and you could send them a V5 file.
Even after it expires, it will run as a viewer.

There will be no Mac V6 eval until it is finished and released.

that can work, but it’s also extra work and planning on our part.

I don’t want eval, I want real access. AFAIK our V6 licenses will be cross-contaminable, correct? So if a Mac user is part of our team, can that user get on Cloud Zoo now> and use our licenses?

I’m sure @aj1 and @brian want to test these scenarios. The sooner in the WIP the better. Come on guys hook me up, and I won’t charge you for my expert advice testing this.


Yes, when V6 for Mac is completed and released, you will be able to add them to your Cloud Zoo Team and they can use one of your licenses.
That’s not yet possible.

come on Joooooohn!!! I tried my Mac license key, it’s not working for some reason:

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If they purchased a V6 license, they could then claim a V5 “legacy” key, and use it to gain access to the Mac V6 WIP.

If saving a V5 file is too difficult for you, then maybe you could buy them a V6 license…

Dear Mr Brock,

There’s no ‘they’. My company, my projects, my licenses. I have several licenses, some to spare. I want her to use one of them. And I’m kindly asking the McNeel team to let me do that. When I need more licenses for our users I’ll buy more, like I always do.

Please consider this my formal request for claiming legacy.

Sincerely Yours Since Year 2000,

Mr. Fontana

@gustojunk You can do this yourself:
Go to
Put in your V6 key and e-mail as requested
The V5 for Mac key will get sent to your e-mail


Thanks Mitch, but not, I can’t:


The “Legacy” key is only for new V6 licenses. Upgrades are not eligible.

The idea behind it was it made no sense to force Mac users to purchase the old version and then charge them again for an upgrade when V6 Mac is released. Trying to keep track of free upgrades later is just expensive overhead.
This seemed like the best compromise.

I described the different ways Gustavo’s client could accomplish what they needed to do given the status of upgrades and what is available for everyone.

As John said, this only works with full (not upgrade) licenses, sorry for the incomplete info. But if you have at least one of those, you can still make it work with that.

Got it guys, I do have some of those. I’ll play more serial numbers bingo later and see if I win. Thx!


Yeah, this whole thing is a bit of a mess right now - that’s why we’re working toward the cross-contaminable licenses for Rhino 6 release. I hope that will eliminate one whole category of mess.

Right now, you have to have a Rhino 5 for Mac license to get Rhino 6 for Mac WIP keys. There are a bunch of excellent ideas that we’ve floated around that prove technically challenging, and therefore haven’t been done:

a) Allow Rhino 6 for Windows licenses to run Rhino 6 for Mac
b) Allow Rhino 5 (Windows and Mac) licenses to work in the Cloud Zoo

But like I said, both are just hard, even if they’d make your life easier as a customer. <sarcasm> As much as it might look like it most days, we are not miracle workers.</sarcasm>