Rhino 6.0 for Mac into Cloud Zoo

Is it possible to put Rhino 6.0 for Mac into the Cloud Zoo?

Your question doesn’t make sense.
Yes, Rhino 6 licenses can be used in the Cloud Zoo.
Then you can run either V6 for Mac or V6 for Windows.

V6 license keys are not tied to an operating system like V5 licenses.

… but licenses can either be delivered per Cloud Zoo OR Zoo 6 Win Server, right?

So if that´s true, what else than worldwide license usage makes the difference?
Maybe for local usage control the Zoo LAN server is “better”?

License in the LAN Zoo are restricted to a connection to the Local Area Network where the Zoo license manager is running,

Cloud Zoo licenses use an occasional Internet connection and a local lease system so Rhino can be run without a connection to the office LAN.

Use this to see the comparison:

So far, that is nowhere described.
Rhino 5.0 for Mac is in the “Cloud Zoo” list, Rhino 6.0 for Mac is not included.

V5 licenses are not supported in the Cloud Zoo tools.
You must be thinking of the LAN Zoo.

LAN Zoo supports both V5 and V6, but I’m guessing you’re running an old version of the LAN Zoo, that does not have support for V6.

Please download and install the current LAN Zoo 6 SR10 to add support for V6 licenses, assuming this is the licensing model you want to use.

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