SubD to sewing patterns

Hey, guys! I am a newbe to Rhino and really hope to get some help. I am trying to use Rhino 7 to make sewing patters for inflatable sculpture. I have already created the model of a human head in SubD. What is the best method (if any) to make more or less accurate sewing patterns from the model. From what I found on the internet, it seems like there are only special software that is only available to fabrication companies due to the high price tag. Appreciated any advice!

Can you underline this a bit with pictures and example file ?

Hmm, what you’re actually going to manufacture isn’t going to be what it actually looks like, you’re going to break it up into a bunch of developable pieces that can actually be flattened and cut, so it’s going to look closer to the mesh version of the subd than the smoothed…