Closing Rhino Instance Purges Copy Data


I had 3 instances of rhino open and i want to copy an object from the 2nd instance to 1st one,but after just copying the object i close 2nd instance and it said “there is a large amount… do you want to keep it?” and i hit “yes”. no problem till there. then i closed 3rd (empty) rhino instance and without second thought i clicked no no no. and i presume this 3rd and empty instance of rhino purged the copied object.

what is the reason for an instance of rhino purging all rhino copy data even if there is another instance of rhino?


Like a number of other things in Rhino - such as workspace files, most recently used menu, etc. - certain settings are not “Rhino instance-aware”, they are “global”… Thus the most recent file closing probably sends a command somewhere that says “empty clipboard”… As the clipboard holds only one set of things at a time, and it doesn’t know which instance of Rhino the command came from, it dumps its contents… That’s my theory, at least.


Do you think that is a good thing? i think it would be better if rhino could know of other running instances of itself. by the way i found that we can configure rhino what to do with clipboard data at Doc. properties>Files