Clipboard access error

I’ve recently encountered a glitch in R5 on Win10 where I get an error when trying to copy a surface or anything really from one open instance to another. Actually it is happening within the first instance.

Hi Joseph - does this happen every time?



 It was happening every time in each of three open instances. I decided to shut down and reboot and do a Windows Defender Update and scan with all the 'hijack' stuff on the news (hope that it enough!) and now Rhino5 is copying as usual. 

I still dread coming to my computer and find that MS has done that damned update for Win 10 creators or whatever they are calling it. Now they are talking about Window10S! 

I'm happy as long as I can copy/paste in R5 though, thanks!

So far I can’t repeat this.
I’m running Windows 10 Creator’s Edition (1703).
With three instances of Rhino V5 64-bit running, I copied and pasted back and forth between the three different Rhino sessions.
I started all three by clicking on the Desktop Shortcut.

What are you doing differently?


A simple restart seems to have resolved the issue, sorry for not having done so before bugging you guys. I had never seen that error message before and was curious. I had more open instances and thought maybe memory getting hogged so started closing down open instances and then also open new ones but it didn't seem to help. Restart did though! 

Thanks for your effort. Consider this closed or resolved.

While I have you ear though, does plug-in data sometimes get left out when copy/pasting between open instances?
I’m pretty sure that ORCA material assignment won’t come through in that manner. I’ll take it up with ORCA and then perhaps start a post here with what I find.

Resurrecting this topic to say I experience this bug with Rhino 6 SR7 on Windows 10.

Issue appeared when I had multiple instances of Rhino running and persists even after restarting Rhino. Only solution seems to be rebooting the computer. This is the second time this happened, with no discernible pattern to report.

I suspect it may have had something to do with a Windows update being installed, but not restarted to replace the services and tools that are to be updated.

If the service was not running when the Windows update ran, then that service will not start until the reboot happens.

That’s just a guess based on personal and tech support experience.