Multiple instances of rhino and setting saving

When rhino closes, it writes various setting info, which it remembers next time.

There’s a problem in that, since I often have three or so rhino’s open at once, and work between them, that I sometimes close the “wrong” one last, and changes I wanted to keep are lost.

Is there a command that can be called anytime to write this info?

Since rhino only allows one file open in one session, there would have to be an alert whereby you were warned that closing an instance would trigger a save of settings that were not the latest, thereby warning you were about to lose settings you’d altered in another instance.

Its kind of messy…

To take a trivial example; say you created a new alias in one instance of rhino, and there were two others also open.
Ideally you’d have that new alias appear across all instances at the same time, either by the “environment save command”, or it would happen automatically because each instance of the program was tracking the relevant common file, and refreshing as appropriate.

In an obsolete 2D CAD program I still occasionally use there is a similar idea, in that the program saves the “environment” on exit.
However, this can be disabled if you want, and it also has a ‘manual’ command that will save the information at any time its run.
You may have multiple files open at the same time and work between them, but its all running within the same workspace, ie there are multiple windows with different files open, so you don’t have this problem.

I don’t know why rhino adopted this single instance idea, (nor why it doesn’t support OLE (object linking and embedding)); anyway I don’t expect it to change now, so is there anyway to get multiple instances working together on this…?


This trivial example works as you expect in Rhino 6. Are you running Rhino 5?

Thanks Wim

So after some playing around (in V8) it turns out that not only aliases, but many, many other settings also link immediately (most of which I don’t change often, or at all, so I’ve never noticed.

However, not “remember copy yes/no options”, which is something I often change, and would very much like to link across instances, and what started me on this post.

Is there a particular reason why this isn’t cross-instance?