Sync setting changes for multiple rhino windows

This seems to always end up happening. I nearly always have multiple files open for one reason or another.
So I want to change a setting. Now I have to close the other copy of rhino in order to make changes. Because what happens if you add a hotkey or something, then close that copy of rhino first, then the one you Didn’t make a change in second? Or maybe you change the popup menu in one, then change a hotkey in another the next day by mistake (yes, I just admitted to not restarting every day and leaving files open overnight).

Rhino is nice enough to open several copies of the software, which is great because if a file causes a crash, it only crashes That file. But it causes problems like this one.

I’d love it, if any change automatically got pushed to all other open copies of Rhino.
Better even, would be if it kept those settings on the cloud somehow…even if it’s my own storage. So since licensing is moving to online, I could install it on a computer at home as well (FINALLY) and have my settings synced. OK, maybe that’s getting a little far off topic there. But something along those lines would be nice.

The main thing here is just being able to push settings to all copies of Rhino at the same time so that you don’t lose a change due to having multiple copies open. Same goes for plugin installs, or adding scripts. Any changes you might make like that. If I go to the other copy, I’d like the same settings to be applied already.

And sometimes someone might like to incorporate a temporary settings change in one instance and NOT have it propagate to their default setup. You basic suggestion is a good one, but it definitely would need a popup to ask if the user wants it to propagate (make permanent).

Automatic synchronization of settings across instances of Rhino should already be happening in the WIP. This was a large project we wrote early on in the development of V6. If there is a case where this isn’t happening, please let us know.

Ok, I’m letting you know. I had one copy open. I changed the popup toolbar.
I then needed to copy some data from another file, so opened a second copy. The popup there is still the default.

and AIW, I hear where you’re coming from. That makes sense, but I can’t think of an actual use. But also given that currently any time you make a change it Makes that change, so the expectation is just that if you make a change, you’d want to keep it. I’m not sure why you’d want to spend the time to change a setting only temporary. I wouldn’t want to be bothered by a popup every time I make a change in order to propagate to other copies. I’m open to the idea, but only if it makes sense to do it.

I’m not sure how popup toolbars are handled. @JohnM is this something that is supposed to be an automatically synced setting?

perhaps that’s just something that doesn’t sync. I tested keyboard shortcuts and that works fine. Toolbars would be nice as well though, especially the popup toolbar.

I think toolbars in general are not part of the automatic settings system.

How does this happen?
Very interested. It won’t work by default.