Creating Closed Brep/Solid from Open Polysurface

Hi All,

I’am triying to create a closed brep from an open brep but I couldn’t. Can anyone help me?

Thank you,Making_Closed_Polysurface.3dm (123.1 KB)

you are working very far from origin but besides that, you can use the Patch command:

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Thank you @DiegoKrause , but patch is not a good solution. After patch, when i tried to join surfaces, i can not get a 1 piece polysurface.

Hello - witth the top and bottom edges being ‘up and down’ and kind of all over the place, I think I’d do this:
1 patch the top and bottom edges, with no trim, or Untrim after.

  1. Scale1D the object through the patch surfaces:

  2. CreateSolid.

As Diego pointed out, you might want to move things closer to the World Origin.


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