Clippingplanes bugs and wishes

Hi guys,
Clippingplanes are unreliable and still needs a bit of attention to be good tools for productivity. My main wishes are:

1- option to snap to clipping edges. So we can measure the stuff we see. ONLY snap to things on the clippingplane.

2- option to use the clippingplane as a constructionplane (so we can draw and type on it and this leads to the next wish:)

3- Option to NOT clip what is on the plane. If I make a curve on top of the clippingplane and project it down through the objects then these projected curves are not visible on the plane because they are on the plane, I would like to see them so I can measure them.

4- option to fill open objects too as long as the clipping of the object generates a closed loop. Now it fails to do so alot. Like in this example where all projected curves to the left are closed curves, but none of the horisontal slabs have clippingplane fills:


Great suggestions; +1 (x 4) :slight_smile:
Also, I think it has been wished before, but I’d add ability to exclude some objects per-clipping plane so they are not clipped. Maybe it could take care of #3



I would agree also. Hope it happens.—Mark

Hi Holo, how do you know if anyone noticed your suggestions? I could have used them today, yesterday and tomorrow.—Mark

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  1. Double clicking clipping plane toggles its active status for current view.
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