Measurements during clipping plane

I want to re-ask from @Holo’s request earlier this year. It would be a great feature to be able to measure distances while in the clipping plane process. The only workarounds now are placing a curve in the desired area and splitting it with the geometry in question and then measuring the length of that split curve. A surface intersection is another option. But, to work off the clipped geometry would be a couple leaps forward , when measuring. —-Mark

Hi Mark, is this what you are referencing?

Yes that is it. Measuring from clipped edges

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While waiting for this I made my own hack that sets the c-plane to the clippingplane and makes clipped geometry on a layer. With another tool to clean up again. It lacks the ability to only snap to the clippinggeometry, but It kind of does the job even though it is a bit messy. PM me if you want to have a go with it.

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Hi@Holo, did you also mention on your wish list about using cubes or spheres as clipping objects? I am seeing anything made as a cutter could be a clipping object. —-Mark