Clipping Plane features for Rhino 6

Continuing the discussion from Clipping Plane options broken:

Have you tried the SectionTools plugin that generates curves at clipping plane intersections? My understanding is that the clipping plane itself is entirely display based and lacks anything to actually snap to at present but we are definitely talking about further developments here.

With that said… add some more feature requests here as they come up if you like.

Hi Brian, I made my own script for this, so I am getting close to what I need, but it is not interactive or smooth.

There is much I would like to see implemented with a clippingplane feature, I’ll type them down when I have time, or when you start working on it.


Bug: Clippingplane is still clipping text that lies on the clippingplane, (dimensions)
Clipping it flickery, as in not knowing if should clip or not.

Got it, filed as RH-20213

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