ClippingPlane show Fills Bug

In the attached image there is an example of clippingPlane show Fills Bug.V5 src5
Ciao Vittorio

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Could you attach the 3dm file?

Hi Vittorio,

is your object closed ? If not, the Fills currently will not show filled.

Ciao, c.

I’ve got a smilar problem, on the pc i’m working on the clipping plane does not fill the cut surface, yet on one of the other pc’s the same file does.

Update: Strangely enough, it fixed itself again, I’ve scaled the clipping plane because it was just too big/in the way of my workflow, and now the cut faces are shaded again ? :\

Hi Handy

In the attached file and picture there is an example of problem with CilppingPlane
if i move the object in two positions

Ciao VittorioClippingPlane_Strange_Behavior.3dm (1.8 MB)

Hi Vittorio - here (so far) all positions of the clipping plane do show a filled section- does your image indicate that it comes and goes, depending on the position of the plane?