ClippingDrawings: place 2D lines in the same 3D space as the model?

ClippingDrawings seems setup exclusively for placing linework in arbitrary spaces in Top View only.

My understanding of best practice in other programs is to create a ‘model’ of 2D lines in coordinated 3D space; plans drawn in plan, sections drawn in section/elevation etc. Instead of creating a giant flat sheet of paper on the side of a model.

I’d just like linework aligned with the model. Then use Detail views in Layouts to filter out what shouldn’t be seen.

(Elevation was drawn manually)

Hi Neil,

Clipping Planes are viewport specific, i.e. it will be active in top view if you have created it in top view. Then if you want it to be active in perspective then you have to use “Enable clipping Plane” command to active it in that specific viewport. You can disable using “Disable Clipping Plane” command.

I hope this helps. If you have any further questions, please reach out to me and I am happy to help you. Contact details are at my website

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Hi Neil - use ExtractClippingSlices for this.


When you select the clipping plane in any viewport, you can open the properties panel and select the viewports in which the clipping will be active.


Thanks for the reply Pascal.

Trying ExtractClippingSlices, unlike ClippingDrawings;

  • it only draws what intersects the plane, no elevations/background
  • UpdateClippingDrawings doesn’t apply to it (which is what I was excited about)
  • it doesn’t have formatting options of ‘Show Hatch’, ‘Show Solid’, ‘Add Hidden’, ‘Add Silhouette’
  • it doesn’t create Layers for the linework

ClippingDrawings seems to be getting close to a reliable way to make line drawings from 3d content, and I’m hoping it will continue to be improved.

I just don’t understand why it HAS to place all the linework into plan views in arbitrary locations. That’s what a Viewport is for. For example, I might start a project with Viewports showing model views. Then as things become more detailed, add separate linework for detail and DWG export etc. With ClippingDrawings this would mean changing all the Viewports to different projections and locations.

Could we just have an option to project the lines in the plane of the ClippingPlane and location of the geometry? (I did try rotating and moving the ClippingDrawing content after placing it, but it breaks the update.)

(Sorry I if I worded my original question in a way that suggests I don’t know how to use Clipping Planes.)