Clipped views in layout space

Hi guys,

I have a model which I am using pairs of opposing clipping planes and the technical view to create the equivalent of 2D views through the model. This is largely working quite well for me; however I have a couple of issues/gripes with certain aspects of clipped views which are slightly frustrating. I’m sure you’ve seen some of these before, but just in case you haven’t, i’ll list them all:

  1. If you have a curved or diagonal object which the clipping planes intersect, dimensions will not snap to the edge created by the intersection of the object and the clipping plane/

  2. The technical pipeline (as well as the other artistic drawing modes) do not provide any control over the lines created by a clipping plane. I like my lines to be 1 pixel, but they seem to come out thicker than this (2 or 3 pixels)

  3. On a related note, I believe the options for clipping plane objects’ colour usage (bottom of the tools/options/view/display Modes// panel) should include an option to use the clipped object’s colour. At the moment the options are limited to the plane’s colour or a solid colour. (My model is of an existing ship’s structure, with some new structure added. I have the existing structure in a faded grey colour, and the new structure in a solid red. With either the clipping plane colour or a solid colour, I cannot achieve my goal of highlighting the new structure and fading out the existing structure). The screenshot below illustrates this - the three green objects to the left are supposed to appear red, and the larger green object to the right is supposed to appear grey. (My clipping plane is green to highlight the issue).

  4. There are often artefacts of objects that appear in the detail views when using the technical display mode. This tends to get worse as my Rhino session goes on, and is only (mostly) corrected with a restart of rhino. See the following images - first is the technical view, and the second is what appears when i switch to wireframe view:

  5. Are there any plans to provide control over the type of hidden line generated by the technical pipeline? It seems in some places to be a series of dashes, and other places a series of dots, seemingly at random.

If there are any fixes for any of these, i’d love to hear them!

FYI I’m running Rhino5 RC11, on a toshiba satellite laptop (i7, 8GB RAM) with crappy Intel HD4600 graphics…


@pascal, @John_Brock, did you guys see this? I posted it late on friday. Item #4 is proving to be a real PITA as I’m now trying to generate check prints and PDFs, and I am constantly having to close and reopen my model to make the artefacts disappear from my layouts (I have ~35 layouts in my file).

Hi Iain- Can you post a file that shows problem #4? You can also upload to, to my attention (Pascal). My guess of the moment is the intel 4600 graphics may be at least partly to blame here.


Will do. I’m suspicious of the same. I’ll have a hunt around for another computer I can try here, to see if the problem occurs there too.

The artefacts sometimes even persist between closing and reopening rhino, so either some of the technical pipeline info is saved in the file. or the problem is somehow regenerated when the file is opened.

Also, my problem of clipped objects not appearing in detail views until I use the menu on the top right of the layout page (discussed here: Print failure - missing and blank) is still occuring, even with SR11 RC. Is it likely they are related problems?

Hi Iain - I see the same artifacts (problem 4). I’ll add this to the pile.



That’s great, thanks. Glad i’m not the only one!

Did you have any problems with clipped objects not appearing in the detail views?

@pascal, I’ve found recently that if I copy and paste a bit of text on a layout, this seems to clear up the artifacting in layout details using the techinical display mode. Not sure if this will help whoever is going to be chasing down this bug, but may be worth noting…

Hi Iain - I can confirm that - not even text, just a curve or point will do it - thanks for that, I’ll pass it along to the developer.