Clipping Planes Panel doesn't refresh after changes applied to the scene

Removing Layouts or renaming clipping planes isn’t immediately reflected in the clipping plane panel. Changing “Sort Order” for example refreshes it though

Hi Daniel -

Just to make sure, which panel is that?

this one. Another issue is that checking/unchecking boxes shown below doesn’t persist. Once “Sort Order” is changed they all return to the state below (they do work though, clipping planes get disabled/enabled in the corresponding views, just the state in the panel seems to change)

You’re using a deprecated test command that was never completed. Is there a reason you arent using the normal clipping plane interface?

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Travis you are right, I remember now that activated it long time ago and forgot that it’s experimental. Sorry, that makes sense now.

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Ok no worries. I never got around to wiring up all of the document events to make it refresh which is why it doesn’t update. If you switch the UI sort order (by layout / by clipping plane) it will refresh its data.