Update How ClippingPlanes Draw in Rhino 8 WIP

I wanted to share some details about how ClippingPlanes draw in the latest WIP. The new drawing style has more clear definition of the plane orientation, and it also adds the name of the object as a label. The following graphic should give you the general idea.

Note that you can hide the label using the TestToggleSectionLabel command.


Thank you. I was confused for a while but it’s clear now :slight_smile:

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This is my image the relates the V8 ClippingPlane display to the V7 ClippingPlane display, (that was actually displayed a plane.)

You will pick two diagonal points to define the clipping plane, and then the clipping object will take on a new linear look, similar to the SectionTools plugin.

Here is a video showing how to make and assigned clipping planes to viewports.

Advanced options allow for objects to be “left out” of the clipping either by layer or per object.
More on that soon.

Let us know if this works for you.
Mary Ann Fugier

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I guess there is no way to have BOTH the section-style arrows and the clipping rectangle, v7 style ?

When drawing a clipping plane, the resulting clip direction is counter-intuitive. For example, if I draw the plane in the Front viewport, it is the back part of the object that is removed. I would imagine that in most cases one would be looking to remove the front portion. Could we have the default direction flipped please so that for the majority of cases we don’t have to go to properties to flip the plane?

Seems to be ongoing work on this

I usually use Flip command directly instead of navigating into the (slow) properties tab.

Thanks for the link - good to see it’s being addressed.

The current WIP actually looks like this:

There doesn’t seem to be any control over the name font size yet, and it can go pear-shaped if you rescale the plane indicator:

There’s a new WIP (8.0.23125.12175, 2023-05-05) and it now looks like this:


One of my students tried it and there was no rectangle, it made selection of the ClippingPlane cumbersome. I guess there actually was a rectangle, but it was too tiny to be seen.
I’ll try changing the annotation style then. IMO it’s not a good thing that such a basic feature has to rely on tweaking more advanced drafting options.

Oh well…

My remark still stands. I have a big ClippingPlane there in a millimeter model, it basically looks like a line. This is problematic and changing the annotation model scaling doesn’t seem to do anything.

Yes, that’s bad at the moment. Hopefully they’ll make the clipping plane widgets scale to the viewport, not the model dimensions. Failing that, allow the user to rescale the widgets manually. And provide some annotation control specific to clipping planes.

One thing: if you have named the clipping plane, the text dot with its name does appear (although it looks like you have to do something with the cp in the viewport for the name to actually appear - it doesn’t refresh the view when you type the name in properties) and that is much more visible. Unfortunately you can’t yet select a clipping pane by clicking on the text dot, so the mitigation the dot provides is rather limited for now.

Very much a WIP.

We can only hope to have some right-click options to create a dynamic section view or to extract the 2D slice grouped with the hatchings, it would be so easy!