Shading changes in latest WIP

@Jeff, I see that there are changes to the way surfaces get shaded in the latest WIP - and more specifically the way clipped geometry is shaded. The following two images illustrate the difference between the 2015-09-29 version and the 2015-08-25 version that I still run on another laptop.

The face on the clipping plane is now darker, making it harder to see and my question therefore is how I can make changes to the display mode to make it more visible again. Also hatching on the clipping plane is rather weird. The hatches are on a black layer but get rendered grayish in the latest WIP.

We are making a bunch of large changes to the display right now. This looks like a bug that has crept in due to our changes and was not an “intentional change of style”.

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Thanks for the heads-up, Steve.

Perhaps related: when going from one named view that has no clipping plane enabled to another named view with clipping enabled, the clipping plane no longer caps the objects that are clipped. I now have to turn on and then off again the layer where the clipping plane resides. This didn’t used to be necessary.

Just mentioning … This one is still around in the latest Serengeti. Do you have a YouTrack number for this?