Clipping Planes & Named Views

I’ve looked for an online explanation for this but haven’t had any luck.

I have 3 clipping planes in my model that I’ve set up to create some sections. Each section is saved to a separate named view; I also have an birdseye"base" viewport as a home view. If I go to the first section viewport, the clipping plane turns on as it should. However, when I return to the home view (with no clipping planes on/layer turned off), the clipping plane stays on. Further, if I go straight to a different section view, both clipping planes are then on.

Its great that the CP turns on when I go to that named view, but is there a way to set it up that it turns off when I go to the the next named view? Or do I need to manually shut it off everytime?

If you select the clipping plane you can change the viewport it’s used in via the Views Clipped list in Object Properties? You’ll need to save over the named view to make a change to this setting stick. This is working here but post a file if you still need help, I might be missing something.

Hi Brian,
I tried what you suggested, and it somewhat works. I do not have the option in the properties menu for every view, only the 4 standard views (top/right/front/“savedview”) - this seems odd, should I not have a check box option beside every named view? As soon as I turn off the CP layer, they all start turning on/off on their own as soon as I change views, very odd… If the layer stays on while I change, they do work.

You will if the named view is active. So switch to the named view>Select a clipping plane>Set it’s viewport settings>Resave the named view and it should work.

So this is very weird. I had tried that before with good results - however, as soon as I turn off the layer with the 3 clipping planes and go to the named view, they do not associate with any particular named view. If I leave the layer on while changing named views, it works as expected (although then I have to turn on the layer, switch the view, then turn it off again every time). Is that normal?

Can you share the file or at least some objects and the layer with the three clipping planes? I’m not sure what’s going on in your file or if I’m reproducing a like example here.

This is a bug that has been fixed for RH6.
I’m turning on and off my ClippingPlanes layer a zillion times every day…