Associating clipping planes with named views?

I was checking if it is possible to associate named views with clipping planes but I got into some confusing behavior.
As shown below, not all clipping planes work (PLAN1 and PLAN3 are wrong). I tried to reset them, re save the views, switched on and off “Named views set clipping planes” in options, nothing is working. Also,If i select a clipping plane i don’t get all the views available in the list.

Could you post that file? It’s hard to say what is going on just by looking at these images…

Hello wim,

Here it is:
CLIPPING TEST.3dm (210.7 KB)

Try switching between views. For me, in PLAN0 the red box is cut, in PLAN1 the green should be cut but i only see the red, in PLAN2 i see the 2 blue boxes cut, in PLAN3 i should see the 3 blue boxes but i still see the ones below.

The problem here is that the lower CP is associated with both PLAN 0 and PLAN 1 as in the attached image:

It should only be clipping PLAN 0 for PLAN 1 to work as you want.
The same with the 3rd CP from below - that one clips PLAN 2 and 3.

If i associate them correctly and then i change the viewport as shown below, the cplane will stay the same, it will not change together with the viewport

That’s correct, after making sure that there’s only 1 CP active, you’ll have to save your NamedViews again.
CLIPPING TEST-wd.3dm (299.3 KB)

Yes, it works!

It becomes confusing because some Named Views might not be visible in the viewport layout. So the clipping plane might be associated with some of them but, because they are not visible, they don’t show in the Views Clipped list.
Also, if i go to Plan 0 view and i switch the view to Perspective, the clip plane will start to cut into Perspective and it will get associated with the perspective view.

I don’t think they are meant to work as I imagined.