Clipping plane wish dim measuring

Will dim measuring be supported?

Hello - sorry… I am not sure what you mean- can you give an example?



Toshiaki can of course answer for himself but I would think that it’s more generally snapping to the intersection curve that is requested. A very first step would be that the clipping plane doesn’t prevent snapping to legitimate snapping positions. Take a vertical cylinder with vertical clipping plane as an example. You can snap to the quads on the top edge but not to those that are on the clipping plane and bottom edge.

@wim thanks for following up.
@pascal so as wim mentioned, I’d like to snap to intersection made by object and the clipping plane.

Sorry not in front of pc now so I can’t upload a example, but mainly I’d like to check thickness of cross section made by the clipping plane.

Right now I just wire cut and measure than undo the wirecut.

That’s all I could think of but I had low confidence…

@Toshiaki_Takano, here’s a old RhinoScript that may help for now - it extracts the intersection curves of a clipping plane and clipped objects.

ClippingPlaneCurves.rvb (1.3 KB)

If you drag and drop that onto a Rhino window, you can use the alias ClippingPlaneCurves to run the script…