#1 wish for Rhino

Drawing directly on a clipping plane. I’m not able to snap to anything.

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Hello - you can get there in a roundabout way by adding curves at the clipping place - you can use the Section command in a view edge-on to the clipping plane or use the IntersectTwoSets and the InfinitePlane tool (selecting the clipping plane as the infinite plane), and then set a CPlane to the clipping plane (CPlane>Object).


Yes, it is a very annoying workaround. You have to constantly invoke that command and cleanup the trash. And what if things are locked or hidden? You have save the states of everything to deal with it. Some improvement would be nice.

MPlane command attaches mobile construction plane to the clipping plane.

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I too, wish that clipped edges were active to be snapped on ( to). It is way enough to find when working alone, but when your with colleagues and your being asked “what is the distance between this and that?” I say, wait a couple minutes I will get there. I throw a line in move it to the desired location, split it between the two objects that I need the distance between, then pick the split curve and use the length command. I then report that and we move on. —-Mark