Clipping plane, solid in block, bug?

I noticed the following.

Shouldn’t the solids inside the block also display as solids when clipped?
Thanks for looking into this.

Yes, they should. I’m seeing this as shown here. Can you provide a file with just these objects? Use Export Selected from the File menu. My only thought is that they are not solids, run the What command on them to find out and then ShowEdges>Naked Edges if they are listed as being open.

I exported and confirmed that they are solids.
If I switch on the clipping it is now showing all 3 solids as if they were open.
Please find the file attached.

Export.rar (706.3 KB)

<a class=“attachment”

Thanks for the file. There are two issues here as I see it that are causing the Clipping Plane fill to not show. The distance of the objects from the origin and that two of the boxes are part of a Block Instance. Explode the Block and move objects to 0 and it works.

I filed this as a bug though… I agree it should work despite these two factors. The real issue might be something I’m missing since it looks like other objects are filled in your first screenshot. If you can send me a file with some objects that work and some that don’t that would be helpful too. I’m not seeing the fill work on a newly added box to your scene here.

Very often with Clipping Planes, when a single object is shown, it will be hollow. But if you then show the rest of the model, the one object will be filled. I often hide and show selected to try and make the fill show up. As far as I can tell, it’s impossible to make an example that consistently will behave badly - it’s trial and error.

I have this exact same experience with clipping planes - and it really seems to be impossible to make a repeatable example…


Same here, as with wim and Philip.