Block items have no clipping fill

when using blocks, I get no clipping fills:

however when I go into edit mode on one of the blocks this is what I see:

using Version 6 SR21
(6.21.19351.9141, 12/17/2019)
same bug in WIP by the way

isn’t a known bug?
… still unresolved.

I think so, I have a vague memory of seeing it, but couldn’t find it.

edit found it here:

according to bugtracker: bug reported: 2 years ago…being work on by : None

so not much to expect of this I am afraid ;-(

@stevebaer @jeff

see the attached file. I created a box around the origin and made a copy along the x-axis and copied this one over more or less around the y-axis. This bug reminds me a lot about one you solved a while back, where blocks had different contours depending on orientation of one of the blocks. Because here again, only one object can be displayed correctly.
If you double click on one of the instances you’ll see the behavior of the clipping fill changing.

The block I copied only in x, does show a fill, the one copied to x and -y doesn’t show any fill.

clipping_bug.3dm (90.4 KB)

can this file be added to the bug tracker?

Yes, but only if I can duplicate it.
Your file looks fine here in my V6.

Same here:

try moving the clippingPlane to the third instance as shown in @Gijs’s post, @John_Brock.

Yes, when I move the clipping plane to intersect the front block, or make copies of the existing blocks and move them to the clipping plane, I’m seeing it now too in V6 and V7.

Btw: no it doesn’t. One shows a thick line around the intersection as it should and the other not.

That is a different issue than than what this thread is concerned with, and it is on the defect pile already.

yes, strictly you are right, but I think the issues are related, so it might be worth an additional note?

i just would really like to encourage you to resolve it in upcoming updates. i hope its not a big deal. even if amongst many other “small deals” :smile:

here related youtrack items:

@jeff @stevebaer

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Yes please, it’s about time this bug gets fixed. I really think that there are too many issues regarding blocks, IMO you should make blocks a priority for V7 and also clipping planes. These two things are crucial to most users, and we suffer from those issues every single day.

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We’ll keep trying. I have the list, but can’t really give any sort of promises on dates for fixes.

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I sign for this with all the gravity of single user :smile:

I think the following from my point of view and for my needs:

  • geometry can be made in rhino efficiently 95%

  • blocks are there, their management is somewhat limited 50%
    **issues with blocks: clipping planes dont work, attributes are not accesible from objects inside blocks, attributes are always shared with all the blocks even if they dont neccesarrily have to (possibly decouple geometry and attributes), grasshopper does not natively support blocks
    **there are no native commands to make blocks unique, like in sketchup for exampe
    **maybe sketchup has got it right with components, just get a little inspiration from it

  • Clipping planes functionality can be extended broadly 50%
    **adding clipping solids, surfaces, bounding boxes for attached file, distinguish clipping data or display data only

If i was a programmer i would definately like to join McNeel because i see such a huge potential of Rhino for upcoming years. Autodesk and other companies are going to suffocate many business due to their aggresive licencins policy. This is a spot for Rhino to reach new markets.


Hi -

In the Rhino 7 WIP, attributes on the block instance are no longer shared on all blocks.

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Hi -

I have created RH-57020 (bug) and RH-57021 (feature request) for this issue.

Thanks. I wrote you personal message i think from my other account Juan_Gallo about attributes in more detailed way.

Thanks, Ivan. I’ll take a look when I get back to attributes. Hopefully soon!