Bug: Clipping Plane not creating fill in solid Objects contained in a Block

First, I want to say this bug is still around and is strange.
Other posts on this are here:
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In this image, you can see that the interior of the wall (and the solid base) is filled when the clippingplane intersects with one of the block objects, but not the other (the highlighted one).

Second, this bug has been previously difficult to recreate.
Since these two objects are mirrors of each other, it’ got me thinking if this has to do with the math being done based on the zero point.
It turns out that if I edit the block and move the base point around, it gets the clipping plane and the fill to behave in different ways, occasionally even cooperating as desired.
This leads me to believe that there’s something about the fill occurring in +x,+y space but the block drawing the object in it’s own +x,-y space that cancels each other out.

If there’s enough interest and this problem is common enough to need it, I can make a better set of images to illustrate what I’ve found.

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Hi, just to add to the new thread. The bug is still around here as well. It is still hard to repeat. It makes it impossible to clip models consistently. Would be great if some energy could be spent on fixing it. S

Some effort is going into this. Thanks to @NavArch we have some repeatable cases that @jeff and I are working on. Some of this will be fixed in this week’s SR11 release candidate and some will be going into SR12. The harder and less obvious fixes are going into SR12 to give us some more time to test.

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