Clipping plane "section like" view


I find lipping plane view quite confusing sometimes as it doesn’t display only the section. It shows the object behind the clipping plane as well:

I would prefer to see this:

The only way I found is to superpose 2 clipping plane with opposite directions.
Is there a simpler way?



Hi Stephane - the Section command will generate those curves - does that help? Also, a plane and Intersect with History on will work - you can move the plane to regenerate the curves, even if all the surfaces are hidden or on Off layers.


Hi Pascal,
Thanks for the tips.

-I use section command a lot, but there are 2 drawbacks:

  1. You can’t sweep through your geometry as you can do when you move your clipping plane.
  2. the section will not update if the geometry is changed. To get around this I use “section tool” .
    it does the job but it is a quite a long process to set up the sections / update them with section tools.

-Intersect with a plan with history on
This one is not bad! (I used the command intersectTwoSets)
Basically you end up with a dynamic section which will update when your geometry update.
I will use it now!

But no way you can sweep a complex geometry with your plan, it is really too slow to update.

It would be really great if Rhino could improve the clipping plane function so it can become a powerfull dynamic section analysis tool.


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Hello - for now two planes, back-to-back, seems like the best way - these can be grouped for easier manipulation.

RH-60833 Clip both sides


Thanks Pascal, will keep using this trick until clipping plane as this option “clip both side” in next rhino versions :slight_smile:

@pascal @Trav
Hi Gents.

Do you think this feature is possible to show up in V8 WIP?
We already have big improvements on ClippingPlane, thanks.
This addition would be beneficial as well.

Hello- V8 has a clipping plane ‘depth’ setting that should do what you are asking.


Hi @pascal

Thank you for reminding. I totally forgot about this new feature.

Here is the result with 0 depth.
There are still some artefacts in Layout’s detail view.
No artefacts in Model view at all.

Please post a 3dm file that we can check.

I think I found the problem.
The Detail view was created and set up with VisualARQ display mode.
And I believe it’s not supported with V8 yet.
Switching to regular Rhino display modes gives clean images.
Sorry about that.