Missing (Sometimes) Clipping Plane Edges in Technical Detail

Trying to make some technical drawings and running into an issue where the clipping plane edges don’t always show up. This is also a problem on Rhino 5 for mac. Clipping Edge display is turned on for the rendering mode, and the edges do show up on some details and some objects, just not others. Attached is a picture where the hull is sliced form the plane, and though some of the cabinets have clipping edges outlined, the hull itself does not. The edges are also missing from the printed output.

Also on display in this picture is some z-fighting on the layout detail. That’s very annoying, but doesn’t show up in the pdf output.

I second that. I had the problem on Rhino 5 for Mac and now also Rhino 5 for Windows. Some clipped objects in the same detail view will display outlines and some won’t. All objects are clearly solid as they are at least hatched/shaded due to the clipping plane. Seems to just be a bug that’s been hanging around for at least 4 years based off a previous post. Wish it was resolved because my drawings would look far more presentable!