Clipping Plane Help

Hi Guys,

Is it possible to make a clipping plane that is not in a straight line? In architecture we sometimes call this a ‘Cranked Section’.

I’ve been searching for a solution to this in the forums, but cant find an answer. I note there are several plugins that can help, but a lot of them get rid of or dont work as efficiently as the rhino clipping plane which is pretty cool.



No, it’s not possible with native Rhino.

so the only option is to split the model then? that seems rather tedious and inefficient. Perhaps someone has a better solution?

This has been a much-requested feature ever since clipping planes were added to Rhino, and in fact even before that was even included with all the requests for clipping planes themselves. I think the developers are still revelling in the fact that we have clipping planes at all. But you know those users: they are never satisfied and always want more.

haha! very true! I’m only interested in a workaround. Visualarq and Volvox are good… but I dont think they are graphically as good as native Rhino.

I would love to be able to reference the Rhino clipping plane in Grasshopper!