Clipping Objects Instead of Clipping Plane?

Hello All,

I was wondering if there was any possibility to assign an object to perform as a clipping plane. I know I could boolean or split the geometry, but my goal is to do it lightweight and non destructively. There are some plugins that do something similar, such as clippingbox and sectionbox (available on food4rhino), but they aren’t perfect for three reasons: 1. They don’t work in Vray render 2. it only works with box geometry 3. They don’t auto-update.

For example, how could I use a sphere as a clipping plane?

Any advice or direction would be greatly appreciated!



Hi Niko- there is no way to do this in plain Rhino.


Not knowing what end result you have in mind and what tools are available to you, the only way I know of having clipping objects is in KeyShot:

There you can assign the cutaway material to any object and use this to cut the model.
Maybe that helps.

There is also a live linking between KeyShot and Rhino, so if you update your geometry in Rhino it is updated in KeyShot.

Hi Niko -

I’ve added your vote to feature request RH-3952.

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That would still be very, very useful.


Hi Pascal, is this possible using grasshopper and/or associated wizardry?
I just posted a similar topic this morning before seeing your post here. Clipping with object(s)